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Membership includes a directory listing on the Coaching Chocolates Marketplace, networking and resources to support our community. We are also developing a members only referral program to create more opportunities for our team.

The most effective way to promote your coaching business. Thousands of potential clients browse our directory every day.

Our directory and referral program are both powerful ways to get new clients. All you have to do is put your coaching services into one of our beautiful coaching profiles.

Our number one goal is to bring you business opportunities.

Pay Monthly, or Yearly . Our team is committed to supporting you during the process and while you are a member with us.

Other Benefits

Beautiful profile and avatar that truly represent the beautiful you.

Get leads directly into your calendar, no more to and fro emails-the platform does all the administration work for you.

Our platform has clients looking for coaches all the time, practice or build your coaching hours by making a difference to real people.

Whether you have an existing practice or no, our members get access to discounted rates to build and maintain their website  including managing their SEO ranking on Google and Bing

Want to market yourself on social media, we render this service at a members only discounted rate, targeting your location and demographics of choice.

Whether it is creating you business logo, invoice, receipts, headed paper and other stationary, our members get the discounted rate for all our branding services.