Our Community


The Coaching Chocolates Facebook page facilitates and encourages conversation on our online community. The page also provides content to inspire our community  to utilize and draw on the power that lives within to meet daily challenges and enrich their lives and the lives of their friend and families and communities. 

The Coaching Chocolates Instagram page is a collection of images and videos to inspire, inform and motivate and lead authentically. 

The Coaching Chocolates YouTube channel brings you stories of courage, faith, partnerships, freelancing, side hustles, viable businesses. Stories from people like you who discovered careers that filled them with purpose and made them feel valued, and educational material to help people discover their lives’ calling .

The Coaching Chocolates Linkedin Page allows us to connect with the professional body of colleagues, clients, and resources aligned with our mission to empower, transform and enrich lives and champion causes that are close to our ethos; human rights, diversity, equal opportunities and resources. 

The Coaching Chocolates Twitter Page provides bite-size information and resources to our communities in line with our mission to empower, transform and enrich lives.