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Sometimes the biggest challenge is showing up for ourselves.  It requires clarity and takes effort to be consistent and efficient in achieving the goals we set out to achieve.

Having access to the right Coach or Mentor can make all the difference. Our Coaches help you tap into the power that already exists within you to face everyday challenges. They support and hold you accountable as you live your best life if you are willing to do the work.


Why Coaching Chocolates

  • Free initial consultation with all our coaches & mentors.
  • Growing community of Trained and Vetted Coaches and Mentors  with considerable professional experience in different fields.
  • Coaches and Mentors who have lived and understand the real meaning of resilience, perseverance and achievement.
  • Flexible payment options including hourly and bundles.
  • Gift of Coaching functionalities for loved ones.
  • No more to and from emails, direct access to your favorite Coach and Mentor’s calendar.

Find Your Coach

Bridget Birungi
Bridget Birungi

Rwanda, Kigali

Hello, My name is Bridget, my clients have varied from students and recent graduates,looking to land their first job to mid and high career level executives who were looking to make the JUMP.
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Caroline A. Ocheng
Caroline A. Ocheng

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Dubai based Business Owner | Data Strategist/Consultant | Transformation & Business Coach, I help clients find their why, set & achieve goals, start and turn side hustles into viable businesses.
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John Olugbenga
John Olugbenga

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

My mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their quality of life by designing the most compelling fitness programs tailored to individual lifestyles and energy levels.
Fitness Coach
Josephine Darakjy
Josephine Darakjy

USA, New York

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